My music

A Public Void

The recording for this song began in early 2018. I was starting out as a music student at QUT and was keen to be working on new music.

This particular song came chorus first. Sometime in 2017 I was playing piano with a friend on bass and I stumbled across what became the main vocal line of the chorus. The friend and I jammed on it for a while and then I recorded it as a voice memo on my phone. I later found the recording and decided to sing it and fill the spaces with harmonies.

At this point I had no idea where the song was coming from or going. So that was the next challenge. Fill out the rest of the song, taking it from a glorified chorus to a whole statement of its own. I continued reaching into the past through my voice memos and found a recording of my school’s bell sound. I used this to make the intro melody that you hear while all the ambient effects were building up.

All of this added up to an almost complete song, comprising an intro, chorus, chord progression, and harmonies. What remained was to come up with a verse and then work out the final structure. I came up with a verse melody and ultimately decided on a structure of intro, verse, chorus, solo, verse, chorus, solo, outtro.

In this state the song remained for a month or two.

Fast forward to April 2018, my family went away for a week and I stayed home to have some time to work. During this week I did the solos, lyrics, lead vocal and filmed the video.