Men Need to be Better

I was at a bar one time when a guy came up behind and started touching me. When I turned around and he realized that the long haired beauty was actually a man, he immediately apologised and went off somewhere else. I should have said something but it was the first time something like this had happened to me before and he was gone before I had a chance.

Today on International Women’s Day I want to acknowledge the tremendous deluge of bullshit women deal with at all times and in all social situations. I am in a position of privilege to say that this has only happened to me once. Every woman I’ve ever spoken to about “men” has stories upon stories. This is a crime and has no place in a world where we all want a fair go at life.

It is our responsibility as men to call out our peers, educate our kids and to remain vigilant in the face of Those Who Are Bad.

Rape can be prevented if you teach boys not to rape. Assault can be prevented if you teach boys not to touch girls without consent.

It’s time to be better.