The Myth of Isolation Productivity

I don’t need to cover the story so far. COVID-19 is happening and it’s bad. Many are sick, many have lost their lives. Many are scared. We are seeing tremendous unity whilst also being at our most isolated. Stories of triumph and survival immediately followed by news of more storms. The future cost to us mentally, economically and socially is yet to be determined.

I’ve now been inside for over a month now, with the only trips out being to get coffee or groceries. It’s scary to read the news and see what everyone is going through. Here in Queensland, Australia, we’re lucky to have few cases and already daily new cases are dropping. Others all over the world are sadly not so lucky.

For our essential workers, medical professionals, leaders (and too many others to name) this is a time to dig deep. For the rest of us, we just need to stay inside.

There’s been a lot of chatter about what to do during isolation. Suggestions abound and none of what I’ve seen is particularity bad. However, while it is true that some of us have more time than we used to, I think it’s far from everyone.


  • Parents, now needing to babysit
  • Those who have moved to working from home
  • Those who are unemployed, now looking for work
  • Those who are caring for others
  • Those who are still learning (school or university)
  • Those who are grieving

If you’re now at home with nothing to do, you are lucky. And if you feel motivated enough to improve yourself in some way, I implore you to do so! But not at the cost of your sanity.

It’s easy to overestimate yourself. Have you ever set a new year’s resolution and then not stuck to it? Of course you have.

We’re facing a similar issue now. At any given time, it’s easy to assemble a list of things you can improve about yourself. But it’s overwhelming to try and action everything all at once.

Be gentle on yourself and others. Do what you can to make things better. You don’t have to change the world right now. You just have to keep going.


Productivity is hard.

Make sure to set reasonable goals for yourself.

Stay safe out there everyone.