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Hi - I'm Nathan McCallum

Hi - I’m a web developer who specializes in Ruby, Rails, Node.js & frontend technologies such as React. In my spare time I like to play guitar and experiment with electronic music production.


Quick fetch() cheatsheet

Mar 2, 2021: For those needing a quick reminder (me every time I use it)

To Import, or Perhaps Not?

Sep 23, 2020: What do you get when you try and move a tiny bit of data from one db to another? Read on to find out.

GitHub Default Branch

Jun 19, 2020: GitHub made a technical change due to political issues. I had some thoughts.

A Public Void

May 5, 2020: Read about how I wrote, recorded and produced my first song

The Myth of Isolation Productivity

Apr 18, 2020: COVID-19 has been bad. Toxic nonsense is worse.

Album Review: Le Noise by Neil Young

Apr 10, 2020: Reviewing Neil Young's 2010 release

TV Shows I've Seen

Apr 6, 2020: A list of TV Shows I've seen

Quotes I Like

Apr 6, 2020: A list of quotes I like

Movies I've Seen

Apr 6, 2020: A list of movies I've seen

Books I've Read

Apr 6, 2020: A list of books I've read

Albums I've Listened To

Apr 6, 2020: A list of albums I've heard

Getting Started

Apr 5, 2020: On getting started with new projects. Moving from zero to one with blogging and personal projects.