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Hi - I'm Nathan McCallum

Hi - I’m a web developer who specializes in Ruby, Rails, Node.js & frontend technologies such as React. In my spare time I like to play guitar and experiment with electronic music production.


GitHub Default Branch

Jun 19, 2020:

Two days ago GitHub changed their default branch name from master to main. Though this was not mentioned on their blog or changelog it was reported on fairly widely.

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A Public Void

May 5, 2020:

The recording for this song began in early 2018. I was starting out as a music student at QUT and was keen to be working on new music.

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The Myth of Isolation Productivity

Apr 18, 2020:

I don’t need to cover the story so far. COVID-19 is happening and it’s bad.

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Album Review: Le Noise by Neil Young

Apr 10, 2020:

Recently I’ve been reading Waging Heavy Pace (Neil Young’s autobiography) and a natural part of such a process is to listen to the music that’s mentioned along the way.

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Getting Started

Apr 5, 2020:

It is a cool Sunday evening and I am once again experimenting with my personal site. Over the years I’ve run several different “Hello, World - this is me”-type sites and nothing has quite stuck.

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